English Riding Lessons and "Natural Ways" Training
English Riding Lessons and "Natural Ways" Training

Welcome to Twin Pines Ranch and Riding Academy!   Please come visit!

Adult Beginner camps planned for fall, 2015..... please call Rita at 918-207-2675 and sign up now!

Services offered at Twin Pines Riding Academy:




BIRTHDAY PARTIES, $150 -2 ponies/hr

$225 - 3 ponies/hr






Newest addition to the ranch.... a roadrunner who insists upon looking in the sliding glass door on the back porch almost daily!

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Lessons available....   Monday - Saturday:   Solid foundation for any stlye of riding.... pleasure, trail, jumping, dressage, western.


Learn how to train your own horse at our training camps.... planned for later this fall.... space is very limited for these camps so call Rita at 918-207-2675 now to get a spot!!


Start learning Dressage now so you can enter the Dressage Schooling Show planned for this November!!



Rita Bergman’s “Natural Ways” training

methods focus on the basic nature of the horse:


  • The horse as the master of the “one-time lesson” – no drilling, please!
  • All horses love the herd leader – if you want your horse to love you, you must lead, not follow!
  • Calmness – a must for a horse to learn – a scared horse can not learn.
  • Meditation time – a horse needs time to think
  • Conditioning – a sore horse is a cranky horse!  Don't overwork your horse!


  • Exercises to build flexibility and improve riding fitness are part of the lesson program.


  • All equipment is not created equal..  Stubben all-purpose saddles are my favorite for anyone just getting started with english riding.   You can find a good used one for around $500 on e-bay.  As you progress, you may consider a more specialized saddle.  

Learning Safe Horse Handling #2

The first thing that you must be able to do with you horse is CATCH HIM!  Seems like it would be very simple, but actually there is a great deal of interaction that goes on between the handler and the horse in the process... and an infinite number of ways it can go wrong!

An experienced handler is essential to the process of learning how to correctly catch your horse so that he does not learn bad habits and become dangerous to catch!

The horse has to agree to be caught.... It can take a long time to get that agreement if the horse has gotten away with not being caught!  And it does not take very many times for them to learn how to not be caught!  I have spent an entire day re-training a horse to let me catch him, so it is much better to never let them think they can avoid being caught in the first place.

Even an old, experienced horse can learn that he does not have to let you catch him if you are not very careful!

About Rita Bergman

I am from Oklahoma originally.   I have been teaching English riding lessons for over 20 years. My background includes Hunters, Jumpers, Dressage, and some Eventing. I have trained with Olympic coaches including George Morris, Frank Chapot, Gail Carmona, and Bruce Davidson.

Happy Customers

This student learned how to break this gelding and a mare too! Both of them are going very well under saddle!
Beginning rider on our wonderful school pony, Angel.
Student learning how to properly lead a horse at a walk and trot

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Rita Bergman

24675 E 757 Rd
Tahlequah, OK 74464

207-2675 (cell)


Directions:  Twin Pines is located about 5 miles east of Tahlequah, 1 mile off of highway 51, about a mile past Briggs School.  Turn right at Briggs Holiness Church, then left on 757 Road and look for our sign on the left.



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